Fine, Toilet Paper, Deluxe, 150 sheets x3 Ply, pack of 12 rolls


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  • Family Hygiene Institute‚ Sterilized brand of the Decade 2020
  • Made with a triple layer of high quality sheet for greater absorbency
  • Sterilized for germ protection
  • Suitable for all your hygiene and cleanliness needs

Fine Deluxe Toilet Paper is specially made with 3 high quality plies with delicate patterns, offering a sublime feeling on your skin, giving you truly delightful experience every time you visit the bathroom.

Each Fine Deluxe Toilet Paper sheet has the perfect balance of softness and high absorbency to leave you and your family feeling confident and clean. It is developed with a patented 'Steripro' sterilization process to ensure that only the cleanest and best quality toilet paper reaches you every time.

Fine Toilet Paper is the only toilet paper in the world recommended by the Family Hygiene Institute - a prestigious collection of medical and wellness professionals in the U.S., who study and endorse best hygiene practices from around the globe. Fine has been awarded the Sterilized Brand of the Decade 2020, by the Family Hygiene Institute.

Fine Toilet Paper - for your everyday hygiene and cleanliness needs!