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Conventional disinfection products kill bacteria and viruses via a chemical means—they basically destroy and “poison” the bacteria and viruses. Whilst effective, there are issues with this approach. One is safety, as many disinfectants can be toxic also to humans.
In addition, this approach can lead to bacteria and viruses that survive, adapt and become resistant in the future to this chemical approach. LIVINGUARD® is truly a breakthrough! Protected by over a dozen patents, LIVINGUARD® uses a novel approach of neutralizing bacteria and viruses on a molecular level.
Remember your high school chemistry class?
LIVINGUARD® uses charged ions to disrupt the atomic structure of bacteria and/or viruses, rendering them “inactive”. That’s the scientific way of saying it, but for the rest of us, we can simply say they are dead! But it is done safely and in a way that avoids any resistance being developed! LIVINGUARD® is certified as 100% safe by "Product Safety Labs", USA.