Fine, Facial Tissues, Classic, 150x2 Ply White Tissues, pack of 4 boxes, 600 tissues


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  • Family Hygiene Institute's Sterilized brand of the Decade 2020
  • Infused with a special touch of real cotton
  • Sterilized for germ protection
  • Great for home, office and hotel use
  • Suitable for all skin types

Fine Classic Facial Tissues are one of the softest things to touch your face. Infused with a special touch of real cotton, they give you the softness you deserve.

Tissues touch our eyes, mouth, nose, all the intimate gateways into our body. That's why Fine Classic Facial Tissues are sterilized for germ protection, to ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of all the time.

Fine Tissues are the only tissues certified by the Family Hygiene Institute - a prestigious collection of medical and wellness professionals in the U.S., who study and endorse best hygiene practices from around the globe. Fine has been awarded the Sterilized Brand of the Decade 2020.

Fine Classic Facial Tissues - sterilized for germ protection!