Fine, Paper Towel - Extra Long, 2X more absorbent, 100 Sheets x 2 Ply, pack of 4


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  • Family Hygiene Institute‚ Sterilized brand of the Decade 2020
  • Certified as food safe
  • Perfect economic choice for homes to clean kitchen and glass surfaces, plates & glasses, cutlery and tackle any mess with efficiency
  • Made with a double layer of sheet for added strength & durability
  • Sterilized for germ protection
  • Suitable for all your needs

Fine Super Towel is specially made with a double layer of sheet that is folded for your convenience to ease the process of pulling the sheet without spoiling other sheets.

With 2x more absorbency, Fine Super Towel ensures that you have all you need to keep a spotless kitchen by tackling any mess. It is developed with a patented 'Steripro' sterilization process to ensure that only the cleanest and best quality products reach your hand. These towels are packaged in a waterproof pack to keep all the towels inside safe and clean.

Fine Paper Towels are the only tissues recommended by the Family Hygiene Institute - a prestigious collection of medical and wellness professionals in the U.S., who study and endorse best hygiene practices from around the globe. These paper towels are also certified by ISEGA - a German institute that tests and certifies products for food safety.

Fine Super Towel - sterilized & 2x more absorbent paper towels for multi-use!