FINE RX Sterilized Facial Tissues for Flu & Allergies, Single Pack, 50 x 3ply


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Fine Rx tissues offers relief from colds and allergies via its trademarked 3 in 1 remedy - DCL3 technology:

  1. Coated with a blend of decongestant oils, including eucalyptus that clears nasal passages
  2. Layered with a soothing balm to help moisturize the nose
  3. Made with 3 plies of premium paper that makes it 50% stronger and durable than ordinary tissues

Fine is the only tissue in the world recommended by the Family Hygiene Institute; a prestigious collection of medical and wellness professionals in the U.S., who study and endorse best hygiene practices from around the globe. In 2020, Fine was awarded the Sterilized Brand of the Decade.